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The users of the portal would like to contact Indian Railway organisations to ask questions, get information, seek clarifications or sort out problems. Therefore it is essential that websites provide them with the means to do that.

  • All Indian Railways websites must have a 'Contact Us' page, linked from the Homepage and all relevant places in the website.
  • The 'Contact Us' page should be categorised according to the various divisions handling different kind of queries; e.g. grievance redresssal, file status, procedural details etc.
  • The contact details for the Important functionaries in the Department must have the telephone numbers, fax numbers, postal address as well as email address along with the timings specified for personal public dealing (if applicable). The content policy of the department should enlist the functionaries whose details are to be given on the website.
  • There should be a clear-cut policy for redress (correction) of inaccurate information found on the website. The contact details of the Web Information Manager, who is overall responsible for the content on the website, should be provided.
Presence on the National Portal
Mechanism must be in place to ensure that all Citizen Services, Forms, Documents, Schemes are registered with the respective repositories of the National Portal.

Secondary Content
Secondary content is generated from the assortment and packaging of primary content to suit the requirement of different audience, events and occasions.

Events and Announcements
Indian Railways websites should have a section to cover various Events & Announcements such as:
  1. Announcements having National/State level importance should be published on the website.
  2. Announcements related to important upcoming Indian Railways / Government events being organised by a relevant organisation/Ministry/Department/State/Centre.
  3. Announcements related to schemes/grants/scholarships/fellowships etc.
  4. Warnings of Natural disasters/Epidemics etc.
  5. Calls for relief funds during disasters. Help from other agencies.
  6. Display of important helpline numbers in case of crisis.

Guidelines relating to events and announcements are:
  1. It is must to take off / archive the announcement once it loses its relevance or after the expiry of the time period attached to the event or happening.
  2. All important announcements should also be published on the National Portal for wider access.
  3. Announcements should be worded in simple English/Regional language depending on whom it is meant for
Related links
For every content topic in different modules of the website, a section should be provided for 'Related Links' to the concerned information.
  1. Each content topic covered in the website may have some Related Links to other Government websites which provide further details on the topic.
  2. For every Related Link, the complete URL of the Homepage/Concerned webpage must be provided correctly along with the complete title of the Website which shall appear on the screen.
  3. The validity and accuracy of the URL must be checked on a regular basis to make sure that the information is relevant and the linked address is correct.
  4. Only Government websites/web pages should be provided as 'Related Links' for further information since there is no control over the veracity and availability of information on private websites.

Source : Indian Railways Divisional Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 07-10-2010  

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